Auto Services Pontypool Ltd

Auto Services (Pontypool) Ltd
Unit 18, Polo Grounds Ind. Est.
New Inn, Pontypool
Torfaen, NP4 0TW

01495 758 111

Greetings . . . . .

We are a family run business in the heart of South Wales providing comprehensive servicing & repairs for cars and light commercial vehicles, mini bus and mini coaches; serving local authorities, mini bus operators and private customers.

Noticed a loss in your fuel economy?

Having problems meeting MOT emissions requirements?

Then perhaps you should consider our fuel system cleaning, which can rectify these plus other added benefits.

Would you regard the A/C in your vehicle capable of causing harm to yourself or your passengers?

Consider this - air conditioners draw in air and cool it by passing it through cold surfaces (created in a similar way as household refrigerators work).
Some of the water in that air will condense on the cold surfaces.
Whilst the water drains away, those surfaces will remain wet, or at least damp - a good environment for mould and bacteria growth.
On subsequent A/C use, spores will be blown into the vehicle cabin.

A yearly clean of your A/C system with the air conditioner cleaning system service we offer will reduce your fears on health issues.

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